1. We must register on the website.

2. We select the products and the desired characteristics, by means of the drop-down menus and add them to the shopping cart or basket by pressing the ADD TO CART button.

3. In the upper part there is an icon of a shopping cart, we give you click, this will go to a page where we can review the selected products. We remind you that the price that is visible on the page does not INCLUDE VAT, this varies according to Colombian law.

4. Once you have selected all the products you want, we review or update the personal data.

5. When you agree with the purchase, we check the terms and conditions and choose our payment method.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: You must select the payment method you wish to use.
PAYMENT IN CASH: This payment is only valid for orders within Medellin.
SAVINGS OR CURRENT ACCOUNT: This is for online payments by pse.
CREDIT CARD: We have a secure way to pay with almost all the cards in the market.
BANK TRANSFER: In case you require this service, you must contact us to provide the information:

Bank Name, Bank Account, Beneficiary.

CONFIRMATION OF YOUR ORDER. In this screen you will find all the information corresponding to your order. If you wish you can change the products, (remove or append). Change the delivery address, billing address and payment method.

If you have already finished and you agree you must click on ORDER CONFIRMATION. Finally a screen with the summary of previous data is displayed, which will serve as proof of the order. You will also receive a confirmation by e-mail in the email you have provided. The advantages and discounts for promotions are applied to the final amount and will be reflected in the invoice that you will receive along with the detail of the order. This invoice is the proof of purchase.